Having gained tertiary qualifications in education, professional writing and the arts, our team has developed exceptional writing and proofing capabilities for the benefit of new clients. This diverse employment within career consulting and educational publishing has strengthened our online and hard copy proofreading strategies, and the team of Paper Lions Australia writers and proofreaders carefully follow Australian spelling and grammatical conventions which differ from other national guidelines.


We don’t estimate a price simply upon entering the number of words into a box. Each document is individually assessed by a professional team member, and then an accurate quote emailed to the client within 12 hours. Once the client is registered, the work will be completed within 24 hours (for most text documents) and then uploaded into the client’s personal email address once payment has been made.


We are not computers, we are people who see the actual meaning conveyed by the document, something that the spell checking software cannot do. With Australian English as our native tongue, our aim is to maintain the distinctiveness that is the writer’s voice, not to replace it with stilted words and phrases.


  1. The online program won’t alert you when you have overused a word, particularly adjectives, which can make your writing seem unprofessional and written without care.
  2. Programs are not able to professionally recommend more suitable phrases or words when these duplications occur.
  3. They can’t check for consistency across multiple Word documents or within one comprehensive series using different formats, such as in the Training & Assessment sector and also for all corporate communications across websites, advertising material, operation manuals and internal exchanges.
  4. Recognise that industry-specific words and phrases might not be grammatically correct, but these words are totally acceptable for use in that sector, particularly within education and many technical fields, but a spellchecking program incorrectly flags these words as mistakes.
  5. Fact checking: only a person can question the validity of statements and then do the necessary research to investigate the accuracy of those details.
  6. Online systems will not alter the text to suit a new audience, i.e. when technical jargon is required to be converted into everyday language for a non-technical audience.
  7. Even the most successful software program companies realise that their services are not perfect, and they offer a limited proofreading service where they will review your document and only correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.  So why would you bother?  Their service does not cater for Australian English spelling and grammatical conventions suitable for our unique Australian literary works, business communications and job applications.
  8. People who have English as their second language may not understand the online spellcheck recommendations and choices given.  Being able to communicate with a real person who recognises any language or computer difficulties and who can then ensure that all communications are readily understood by the client is important in our process. The new text will also be consistent with the writer’s individual voice.
  9. You should not proofread your own work, as the mistakes are not obvious. Even using the online checker will not improve work that is not up to a professional standard.

We often need to override online systems and their highlighted mistakes for the simple reason that a person needs to make each decision, not a program.  One example is the following sentence:

The spellchecker wants us to rotate the order of the highlighted words around, changing the meaning completely and not making sense at all.

The program doesn’t recognise that “also” was used twice in this sentence, or that “observation” should be “observations”.

So by simply accepting the software’s recommendations without checking using common sense can lead to a stilted and incorrect sentence. The Author’s unique voice has been changed.

One main consideration for our team when making revisions is not to alter the meaning behind the text or to remove the distinctive style of the writing.

Our aim is for your document to be as polished as it can be, to impress your audience!

Use our tailored services to get your message across as powerfully as possible.




Advertising & Reporting requirements, Real Estate Ad Copy, Financial Reporting, including Annual Reports, budget proposals and letters


Short stories & novels, All genres: fiction & non-fiction, Memoirs, Journal articles, Book Reviews, Literature Reports, Blogs, Websites


Resumes and Cover Letters, Key Selection Criteria, Curriculum Vitae

Career Documentation Notice

Only proofing with limited recommendations available.

For excellent personal career services, please find your local consultant on the Resumes For Results webpage www.resumes.net.au

We Do Not Offer Service On The Following:

Student Assignments:
essays, theses or dissertations

Checking the accuracy of any calculations on
financial spreadsheets

Starting documents
from scratch



AUD$301,000 words

  • Proofreading involving scrutiny of Punctuation, Spelling & Grammar according to Australian conventions
  • Check for consistency with names, places, ideas and tenses
  • Read for meaning and for purpose

AUD$351,000 words

  • Basic package plus extended proofing with recommendations for avoiding repeated words, ideas or phrases
  • Simple check of the suitability of formatting and style for the audience

AUD$401,000 words

  • Advanced package plus extensive edits and recommendations for further improvements to the text
  • Comprehensive formatting & style suggestions to match the document to its purpose

Professional Plan Notice

Not available for career documentation

If you require more specific career services, please find a consultant local to you on the Resumes For Results webpage, www.resumes.net.au